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Created May 6, 2020


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Gratitude to Everyone

11 months ago

Ilshat left a comment on Historical data availability in live mode

"Hi Andrey Ustyuzhanin QCAlgorithm's History method calls brokerages' GetHistory method under the ho..."

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2 years ago

Ilshat left a comment on Lean with TWS on local machine

"Georgea Trading Hi , I think it's possible to run with TWS, though you would have to change the cod..."

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2 years ago

Ilshat left a comment on Live trading IB: GetInitialMarginRequirement?

"Gurumeher Sawhney  thank you! But as I understand GetInitialMarginRequiredForOrder is..."

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4 years ago

Ilshat started the discussion

Live trading IB: GetInitialMarginRequirement?

4 years ago

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