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Jack Simonson
Created May 6, 2020


Quantitative Developer -- helping build, test, and debug community algorithms. Research and implement academic papers regarding algorithmic trading. Address and push fixes to LEAN


Jack left a comment on Charting Missing - backtesting-desktop

"Hi Henno,We no longer support desktop charting as displayed in the video tutorial. We've rolled out ..."

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2 years ago

Jack left a comment on Issues with Lean Build on Visual Studio 2019

"Hi Abhishek,It looks like the root issue is that Lean is looking for .NETFramework v4.6.1, but you a..."

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2 years ago

Jack left a comment on Sample trade to place Buy/Sell Order on Forex With...

"Hi Kiran,In the case of Ade's code, if the order doesn't execute, then the algorithm will place anot..."

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2 years ago

Jack left a comment on Noob: Scheduling Event Error

"Hi Michael,Can you attach a code snippet or a backtest of your project as Adam mentioned? It will he..."

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2 years ago

Jack left a comment on Accessing Strike Price on Options Reseasrch Notebo...

"Hey Welly,One way you could do this is a code snippet like the following.df.loc[([True if x in range..."

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2 years ago

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