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Quantitative Developer -- helping build, test, and debug community algorithms. Research and implement academic papers regarding algorithmic trading. Address and push fixes to LEAN


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Probabilistic Sharpe Ratio

6 days ago

Jack left a comment on Share-Class Pairs Trading

"Hi Warren,You can find the code hereĀ and the rest of our open-source Alphas can be found here...."

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2 months ago

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Insight Scoring Metric

2 months ago

Jack left a comment on Standalone Average & Relative Volume Calculator Cl...

"Hi Ariel,It is! You need to initialize the Simple Moving Average Indicator in Initialize first, and ..."

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4 months ago

Jack left a comment on Oracle - Perfect score - Hypothetical

"Hi Fabian,When we calculate an algorithm's score, we use a sigmoid scaling factor and so technically..."

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4 months ago

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