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Jared left a comment on Downloading and integrating historical data to QC ...

"Hey there! Our data licenses only permit us to make the data available in the cloud so you cannot do..."

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5 hours ago

Jared left a comment on Custom data properties Time and Endtime changed af...

"this.EndTime = this.Date; this.Time = this.Date;Do you also set a period in that constructor? That m..."

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2 days ago

Jared left a comment on Am I on the right track?

"Hi Matthew, read up on the PSR scoring method here. A good PSR is one part of evaluating a strategy ..."

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3 days ago

Jared left a comment on Getting forex options data

"Hey there! Welcome to QuantConnect! We do not support forex-options at this time but you can see our..."

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5 days ago

Jared left a comment on Debugging Python In Visual Studio

"By this "But I am still unable to debug into Lean." - do you mean to step into both python and LEAN ..."

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5 days ago

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