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Jared left a comment on Unable to share under View Live...was this feature...

"We did plan on removing it as we weren't sure if it was really used by many people. Glad to have you..."

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4 hours ago

Jared left a comment on No scrollbars

"Hi! This is an issue with your browser/computer only. Please post a report to support@quantconnect.c..."

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2 days ago

Jared left a comment on Documentation discussion algorithm-reference/conso...

"Hi hieppham please start a new thread with an example algorithm attached."

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2 weeks ago

Jared left a comment on Alpha Stream Scoring Criteria

"Just throwing this into the discussion: our aim is to remove our human bias so ideally, the fitness ..."

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2 weeks ago

Jared left a comment on Alpha and/or QuantConnect Promotions and Ads

"Hi Mykola! Once you submit an alpha, if it matches a funds risk profile and return expectations they..."

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2 weeks ago

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