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Jared left a comment on Mismatch between Oanda data and an Oanda server da...

"Hi Yaron Lidor; please use Data Issues page to report issues and keep track of the discussion and w..."

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6 days ago

Jared left a comment on Improved autocorrect

"Thanks for the feature reqest Joe. I've inquired about licensing an on-premise version."

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7 days ago

Jared left a comment on QuantConnect IDE vs QuantConnect API

"Hi Ryland! I can understand where the confusion came in. People talk about "QC API" in a few differe..."

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2 weeks ago

Jared left a comment on When running LEAN locally, is it possible to sourc...

"We have an electron app which is cross-platform and is effectively a dropbox style sync to the cloud..."

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2 weeks ago

Jared left a comment on Forex Monday CCI Trend Strategy

"Sorry, Michael, you're right... will try to fix it ASAP."

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2 weeks ago

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