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Jared left a comment on Do we need DataNormalization for Stock Splits

"Suggest re-reading Derek's post closer/slower =) I think you're misunderstanding the actions we take..."

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15 hours ago

Jared left a comment on What is the time when backtest can be done for the...

"We don't make guarantees beyond 24-48 hours. However generally, it is available by 7am the following..."

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4 days ago

Jared left a comment on Custom Data Live Trading

"In this case its daily data; it'll generate a new bar when a new day arrives. In this custom bitcoin..."

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5 days ago

Jared left a comment on Custom Data Live Trading

"Hey Mark,Generally speaking, live custom data is working well for many people - but these examples m..."

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6 days ago

Jared left a comment on Unable to install Lean for VS Code for OS X despit...

"Do you mind installing .NET 4.6.2*. Most of the error messages above are complaining they can't find..."

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7 days ago

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