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Jasper van Merle
Created May 7, 2020
Lean CLI
Created Mar 12, 2021


Creator and former maintainer of the Lean CLI, the QuantConnect Stubs Generator and the deprecated QuantConnect CLI.


Jasper left a comment on Installing Lean CLI - 5 questions

"Please note that version 0.1.2 of the CLI is the second development version of the CLI which was rel..."

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5 weeks ago

Jasper left a comment on Passing parameters to Lean CLI

""Is it possible to pass parameters to Lean CLI in the command line similar to Launcher.exe?"No, ther..."

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2 months ago

Jasper left a comment on Using mlfinlab in quanconnect

"Hi Abubakarr,You can use Python packages that are not available on PyPI with the CLI using custom Do..."

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5 months ago

Jasper left a comment on Run lean cli with error

"Hi Yi,Can you please try running a backtest with `lean backtest <project name> --verbose` (not..."

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5 months ago

Jasper left a comment on Run lean cli with error

"Hi Yi,That's weird. If you just ran the post-install script, can you try restarting your computer? I..."

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5 months ago

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