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Software Engineer at QuantConnect. Graduated with a BSc. in Software Engineering, currently a Computer Science Pre-Master student at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Creator of and, currently working on


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Lean API Documentation

3 months ago

Jasper left a comment on Simple RSI Buy/Sell

"James Goldberg if you type the at-sign ("@") in the editor and start typing someone's name a dropdo..."

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3 months ago

Jasper left a comment on Two EMA CrossOver Basic Strategy

"On line 41 and line 45 you need to change one of EMA_Fast to EMA_Slow. At the moment you're doing "i..."

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3 months ago

Jasper left a comment on Print Enum name

"I'm not James, but I think I can help here. You can find the enum to integer mapping for order statu..."

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3 months ago

Jasper left a comment on How? - Python Autocomplete for local Skylight deve...

"I have just improved the documentation in the readme of QuantConnect/quantconnect-stubs-generator, h..."

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4 months ago

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