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Jon Quant
Created May 6, 2020


Jon left a comment on 🎉 New Forum Editor & Emoji Support

"I did not know there's a windows emoji shortcut.  Cool, I learned something new today.  😊 ..."

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4 weeks ago

Jon left a comment on Binance

"I'm looking forward to Binance backtesting and live support as well as they seem to have the lowest ..."

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2 months ago

Jon left a comment on [Question] Backtesting performance

"Wow, it's impressive how you guys do your backtesting!  I was able to run a custom algorithm in a d..."

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3 months ago

Jon left a comment on SetWarmUp VWAP in Live Mode

"Try to set the Resolution explicitly.  My guess is there is a misalignment of the resolution betwee..."

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3 months ago

Jon left a comment on Algorithm Framework Limit Order

"Thanks Derek Melchin.  I see what that you just used the current market price but theoretically, th..."

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4 months ago

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