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Kenneth Wong
Created May 6, 2020


I have a strong passion for data science and foreign currency trading. I have over 3 years of trading experience and possess both fundamental and technical analysis skills. Algorithmic trading is where both my passion for coding and trading meet. I am currently working on a startup project called "Datamigo". Datamigo is aimed at revolutionizing data exploration by making it easier for beginners to get into data science. I am also an avid believer of free education, education should be accessible to anyone willing to learn. Which is what led me to start a website called tickshare where i write articles about machine learning, data analytics and algorithmic trading.


Kenneth left a comment on Market following algo

"Hi Atilla,i don't quite understand the strategy of your algo, maybe you can explain it in clearer wa..."

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3 years ago

Kenneth left a comment on What Should Be the Theme for the Next Boot Camp?

"Hey Alex, would great fun to see more Forex related bootcamps. Cheers."

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3 years ago

Kenneth left a comment on Forex Monday CCI Trend Strategy

"Thanks for sharing Daniel, very informative."

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3 years ago

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Tokyo Breakout Strategy

3 years ago

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