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I have traded as a profession for Australian prop firms in short term interest rate and bond futures markets. The core strategies I used were based on quantitative yield curve spread analysis and outright momentum during fundamental / news events. I have completed a Masters Degree in Applied Finance and certifications in Data Science. My systems are quantitative and predominantly utilise fundamental factor models.


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"What is the time resolution of news events? Is it delivered once daily at the close, or like instan..."

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3 weeks ago

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"Does "active each day" mean that some position turnover must occur each day, or only that the portfo..."

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2 months ago

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Weight portfolio after coarse universe selection

4 months ago

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"What is the fitness ranking cutoff for alpha streams approval? How is the high turnover ratio deter..."

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6 months ago

Kieran left a comment on SetHoldings method

"Is it possible to get the last best bid / ask for instruments which use trade data? I would guess no..."

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2 years ago

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