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Link left a comment on Boot camp isn't displaying properly?

"Hi Nathaniel,You might want to try a hard refresh. HereĀ are some instruction about how to perform a..."

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9 months ago

Link left a comment on Question on margin interest fees allocation

"Hi Stephen,Currently we don't support modeling Interest Charged on Margin Loans. Meanwhile, you coul..."

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10 months ago

Link left a comment on Feed live data from Bitfinex to a live strategy

"Hi Hieppham,We have not found any bugs in Download() method. The problem could be Bitfinex has put a..."

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10 months ago

Link left a comment on Split Adjustment Handling in EmaCrossUniverseSelec...

"Hi Bgrm1,That is a fairly recent split event. Our data vendor updates split factor data with a delay..."

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10 months ago

Link left a comment on Avoiding Vendor Lock-In: Running LEAN On Your Serv...

"Hi KY,Yes running Lean on your own is possible even if SLS opt-out is not prohibited in your country..."

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10 months ago

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