Lucas Bjerre Rasmussen
Created Oct 15, 2020


Datascience student from Denmark


Lucas left a comment on GPU Backtesting & Research Compute in Beta

"Hi JaredThank you for the feature! Think that a lot of people will benefit from his new feature. I h..."

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8 months ago

8 months ago

Lucas left a comment on [Question] How do I request history data for every...

"Hi WilliamWhen running the algorithm, the method “initialize" will only be run once, when the algo..."

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9 months ago

9 months ago

Lucas left a comment on Backtest upper limit changed from 3?

"Hi Craigthe capacity statistic is the maximum amount of money an algorithm can trade before its perf..."

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12 months ago

12 months ago

Lucas left a comment on Trailing Stops - Specifying a security within kvp ...

"HI AxistI think it is because that you write:security.symbol['SPY']and notsecurity.Symbol['SPY']If t..."

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2 years ago

2 years ago

Lucas left a comment on Beginner query - getting price at start of day

"Hi TobyQCan you share your script?I think the reason that you are getting the data with a day delay,..."

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2 years ago

2 years ago

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