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Created May 6, 2020


My background is in engineering but I have a passion for finance and coding. I use engineering principles to apply rigorous criteria to all my algorithms in order to minimize bias. I have been working on trading algorithms for 4 years now, live trading for the past 2 years. My goal is not to get rich quick, it's to beat the S&P500 on a risk adjusted basis using sound investment strategies that I can use in my own retirement accounts (Long only, no leverage) keeping drawdowns below 25% even though bear markets.


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IB starting to force 2FA?

11 months ago

11 months ago

LukeI left a comment on Continuous Futures Support

"Can anyone help a noob with creating an algorithm to purchase VIX continuous futures? When I tried i..."

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2 years ago

2 years ago

LukeI left a comment on Running multiple algorithms on single account

"It's nothing special really, it just takes the insights that dictate each allocation from each alpha..."

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2 years ago

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LukeI left a comment on Has anyone made real money yet?

"Please don't think it's even remotely possible to achive 3-5% per day reliably under any circumstanc..."

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