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Created May 5, 2020
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Created Jun 23, 2020


while (!success) { try(method++); if(dead) break; }


Martin started the discussion

SPY, Daily The issue starts from Jun 2nd, 2016; and continues until Jun 13th, 20...

3 months ago

Martin left a comment on What does self.SetRebalancingFunc()

"Hi Michael!It was recently added to enable python Portfolio Construction models implementations to s..."

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4 months ago

Martin left a comment on Rebalancing Monthly using PortfolioConstructionMod...

"Hi Eugene,I'm attaching a backtest which just rebalances on security changes using the EqualWeightin..."

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5 months ago

Martin left a comment on Want to use InsightWeighted Portfolio Construction...

"Hey Seersquant,We have also added two new algorithm settings to give the PortfolioConstructionModel ..."

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6 months ago

Martin left a comment on GetMarginRemaining Methods Changed (no code change...

"Hi Marcus Weidner!We recently removed the method in this PR because we believed it wasn't required, ..."

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6 months ago

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