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Martin Molinero
Created May 5, 2020
Created Jun 23, 2020
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Created Aug 17, 2021
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while (!success) { try(method++); if(dead) break; }


Martin left a comment on Lean CLI live trading with Interactive Broker fail...

"Hey AC!We have shipped a fix for combo orders which requires to pull the latest version of lean to s..."

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2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago

Martin left a comment on Huge Ask/Bid Values in Crypto Data: Short Position...

"Thanks for the report nodeflow GmbH !We have let the data provider know about this issue, just to cl..."

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5 months ago

5 months ago

Martin started the discussion

Future & Option Minimum Time In Universe

6 months ago

6 months ago

Martin left a comment on VSCode DevContainer not _quite_working

"Hey Jeff Deville !We just pushed a minor improvement to Lean so this use case is easier. Please take..."

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7 months ago

7 months ago

Martin started the discussion

Python 3.8 and Library Updates

8 months ago

8 months ago

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