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Created May 5, 2020
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Created Jun 23, 2020


while (!success) { try(method++); if(dead) break; }


Martin left a comment on ScheduledUniverseSelectionModel inconsistently add...

"Hey Simas !Have you tried setting the minimum time in-universe, by default it's one day, for example..."

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4 months ago

Martin left a comment on No data downloading from TOOLBOX in LEAN in Visual...

"Hey!I've opened this GH issue for the exception been seen. But for this case the issue can be seen i..."

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8 months ago

Martin left a comment on How to login to Research using Docker?

"Hey DaveGilbert!You shouldn't need any login or token, after this PR going to localhost:8888 should..."

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9 months ago

Martin started the discussion

SPY, Daily The issue starts from Jun 2nd, 2016; and continues until Jun 13th, 20...

12 months ago

Martin left a comment on What does self.SetRebalancingFunc()

"Hi Michael!It was recently added to enable python Portfolio Construction models implementations to s..."

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2 years ago

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