Michael Manus





Michael left a comment on LEAN: Cannot connect to IB account starting LEAN E...

"because the target machine actively refused it port or API connections not allo..."

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4 months ago

Michael left a comment on Algo: TMA2

"very good algo.thx for posting as every algo has a value to learn something.Warren Harding you mean..."

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5 months ago

Michael left a comment on Forex Monday CCI Trend Strategy

"hm is it just me or are the overall statistics gone in the backtest? Daniel Chen thanks for the exa..."

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6 months ago

Michael left a comment on RSI: Possible Data Issue?

"without a small example there is nothing to do....maybe you reset it somewhere or something like tha..."

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7 months ago

Michael left a comment on [Update] Dark Theme for Development Environment

"refreshing the website does not help?"

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8 months ago

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