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Mike Reichard
Created May 7, 2020


For the past 20 years I've used TC/2000 to create trading strategies. My focus is on individual stocks, ETF's, and ETN's using short term trend reversals. Been self employed for those 20 years. Prior to creating trading strategies I was employed by IBM as a systems engineer.


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"Hi Dan,If you are looking to be tutored I'd recommend contacting college.quant@gmail.com. He would b..."

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11 months ago

Mike left a comment on HELP!!

"Hi Dooms,I recommend contacting https://quantify-co.com. They do charge however I've worked with the..."

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12 months ago

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Historical Data Loading

12 months ago

Mike left a comment on How to get Weekly EMA

"Thanks Alex.  Was just reading on QC and found information on “Sequential Consolidators”.  My ..."

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How to get Weekly EMA

2 years ago

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