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Created May 6, 2020


I'm a long term quantitative trader with 20+ years of algo trading and 20+ year experience from IT sector including multiple C-level positions .


Mikko left a comment on How to capture open price

"Utilize scheduled functions ie. in init use:    def Initialize(self):         self.Schedu..."

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5 months ago

Mikko left a comment on Ray Dalio's All Weather Strategy

"For anyone interested in this, it's also worth exploring other fixed portfolios. Some examples:https..."

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6 months ago

Mikko left a comment on Semi-Constant Rebalanced Portfolio (SCRP)

"Hi Kamer,I'm not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for but here is my own size-filtered e..."

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6 months ago

Mikko left a comment on Correct way to emit weekly insights

"That is almost exactly what I need, thanks for that!The problem is that I rebalance approx 1-2 minut..."

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7 months ago

Mikko started the discussion

Correct way to emit weekly insights

7 months ago

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