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Mislav Sagovac
Created May 7, 2020


Mislav left a comment on Explanation of report graphs

"I don't know why I don't see the answer here I got on e-mail:  Hi MislavMetrics are logged during ..."

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3 days ago

Mislav started the discussion

Download backtests using lean CLI

3 days ago

Mislav left a comment on Machine Learning Crypto Algo

"I haven't looked at code at all, but would like for one explanation. In the backtest results, we can..."

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2 weeks ago

Mislav left a comment on Lean CLI source code

"Jasper van Merle ,You are really fast. I will update CLI and give it a try ASAP.Thanks! ..."

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4 weeks ago

Mislav started the discussion

Explanation of report graphs

4 weeks ago

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