Petter Hansson





AI programmer originally from computer games industry, now trying algo trading for the challenge


Petter left a comment on Coming Soon - L1 Equity Quote Data!

"Fantastic news. Overly optimistic fills was really one of the main time killers when starting out (b..."

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3 months ago

Petter left a comment on Algorithm Framework Module - Portfolio Constructio...

"This is really cool, thanks for sharing!It also highlights the power of the algorithm framework, sin..."

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3 months ago

Petter left a comment on Running a local research environment?

"Is anyone currently running the research environment locally and solved their issues above?It would ..."

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4 months ago

Petter left a comment on Simple breakout strategy

"Not sure if worth it for Bitcoin & co given transaction costs of crypto and the specifics of you..."

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5 months ago

Petter left a comment on 9 Ways to Get Your Alpha Rejected!

"Thanks Jack, this is a great summary and I hope you copy paste it into other documentation sources...."

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6 months ago

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