Petter Hansson





AI programmer originally from computer games industry, now trying algo trading for the challenge


Petter left a comment on CFD Trading

"Hello Max, CFD = contract for difference. Should be googleable.Very shortly: Rather than owning the ..."

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7 days ago

Petter started the discussion

Missing Oanda symbols

7 days ago

Petter left a comment on Influence of slippage on pair trading

"For low volume (compared to instrument liquidity) trading where market impact isn't the concern I wo..."

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2 weeks ago

Petter left a comment on Why are strategies limited to only 5 funds?

"Guessing here - it's much more simple to work with a few partners for a start. If you have a lot of ..."

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3 weeks ago

Petter left a comment on Alpha Five: ETF Universe Alpha Streams Competition

"Very cool competition!"

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3 weeks ago

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