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Pierre Vidal
Created May 7, 2020


After a career in product strategy for a leading provider of financial information and analytics, I am exploring opportunities in algo investing. My expertise is in quantitative finance and software product management. I specifically focused in FX risk management in my previous job, and now researching quantitative investment opportunities across all asset classes. Learning Python programming the hard way by testing new ideas on QuantConnect!


Pierre left a comment on How to filter out weekly expiries when using Optio...

"Thanks a lot Derek,I was not aware of that OptionSymbol class, which looks like what I need! Best r..."

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6 months ago

Pierre started the discussion

How to filter out weekly expiries when using OptionChainProvider ?

6 months ago

Pierre left a comment on Incosistent backtesting speed

"Hi Karthik, Jared,I often experienced the same problem recently, and today it seems systematic. Grat..."

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11 months ago

Pierre started the discussion

Suggestion to update supported statistics libraries

2 years ago

Pierre left a comment on Accessing security identifiers

"Hi,Personally I use:google.ID.ToString() # Or str(google.ID) Hoping this helps..."

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2 years ago

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