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Created May 6, 2020


Quant left a comment on Inter-Exchange Arbitrage with Atreyu Brokerage

"Hi,I have no idea of QC/Atreyu latency but don't you think that most of resting orders you try to fi..."

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5 weeks ago

Quant left a comment on Strategy Library Addition: Optimal Pairs Trading t...

"Interesting study, how is it possible to extend OU optimization to a meanreverting portfolio ? Maybe..."

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2 years ago

Quant left a comment on Issues with connections

"Same problem today when I build in python : Build Timeout, please check your internet connection...."

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3 years ago

Quant left a comment on My first cryptocurrency stat arb algorithm

"Hi Pravin,Any update on this algo, do you have a tearsheet to share ?"

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4 years ago

Quant left a comment on Massive Speed & Memory Upgrade

"Works fine today with no bugs and with good speed improvment on multi asset algoThx ..."

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4 years ago

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