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Hey! I'm an ex-New Yorker and a current Seattlelite. I'm an obsessive person. In the past, I've been obsessed with physics, trading, filmmaking and even cricket. But right now, I'm obsessed with QuantConnect.


Rahul left a comment on Tick History in Research notebook

"Hi Grigori,Thank you for pointing this out. We've opened a GitHub issue to address this.BestRahul..."

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11 hours ago

Rahul left a comment on Convert orders into insights

"Hi Marvin,You can use self.EmitInsights to emit insights for each order you create. For example, l..."

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14 hours ago

Rahul left a comment on Interpreting the Keras Machine Learning Algo From ...

"Hi Guillermo,This strategy uses the neural network to create a boundary for the future price and the..."

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15 hours ago

Rahul left a comment on Futures updates not firing on a minute resolution

"Hi Daniel,Your debug messages aren't firing becauseprc = data[symbol].Priceis throwing an error. Ins..."

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3 days ago

Rahul left a comment on Sell Plots Displaying on chart before any Buys

"Hi Glenn,The reason you are getting sell events is because this condition is being metelif holdings ..."

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3 days ago

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