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Hey! I'm an ex-New Yorker and a current Seattlelite. I'm also a Quantitative Developer Intern here at QuantConnect. I'm an obsessive person. In the past, I've been obsessed with physics, trading, filmmaking and even cricket. But right now, I'm obsessed with QuantConnect.


Rahul left a comment on Adding data to rolling windows for a list of stock...

"You can use some list comprehension with your dictionary of symbolData to create a boolean which ret..."

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2 days ago

Rahul left a comment on Monte Carlo simulation

"Hey Ivan,If you are talking about post-execution analysis, here is a fantastic article about using ..."

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2 days ago

Rahul left a comment on How to get historical transactions from broker?

"Hi Shailesh,For all transactions made to brokers through QC, self.Transactions.GetOrders(filter) wil..."

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4 days ago

Rahul left a comment on Visual studio IntelliSense Support for Python

"Hi Torsten,Visual Studios has autocomplete/intellisense for Python and its libraries.But if you try ..."

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4 days ago

Rahul left a comment on Combining rolling window with Indicators for a lis...

"You can implement that strategy by iterating over the symbols in the dictionary and checking whether..."

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4 days ago

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