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Created May 6, 2020


Msc. Animal Nutrition Investment Funds in Canada Financial Planning 1 Personal Financial Services Advice Branch Compliance Officer's Course


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My Algos are missing

5 days ago

Ryan started the discussion

Minute Volume data addition inconsistencies

3 months ago

Ryan left a comment on Runtime Error - 'NoneType' object has no...

"Hi Shile,Thank you kindly for the response and solution.  Have a good day."

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2 years ago

Ryan left a comment on Ema Cross Long and Short With Stop Loss and Take p...

"Leu,Firstly I would suggest reading the documentation and getting familiar with order types: https:..."

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2 years ago

Ryan left a comment on Why is my model executing such small trades?

"Are the small trades the rebalancing back to 10% or are they something else?"

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2 years ago

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