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Sherry Yang
Created May 6, 2020


Developer Advocate at QuantConnect.


Sherry left a comment on Typo in Rolling Window boot camp comments?

"Hi Maxine,Thanks so much for letting us know! You'll see that the example in the lesson now reflects..."

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2 years ago

Sherry left a comment on Inspired by the series "From Research to Prod...

"Hi Emilio, Happy New Year, it's awesome to read such a clear and in-depth post! Many thanks for yo..."

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2 years ago

Sherry left a comment on Boot Camp "Universe Selection" / "B...

"Hi Alfred,Thanks for sharing the bug. We have addressed the issue and now you should find the lesson..."

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2 years ago

Sherry started the discussion

From Research To Production: Long Short-Term Memory

2 years ago

Sherry left a comment on Boot Camp Liquid Universe selection error

"Hi Alfred,Thanks for bringing this bug to our attention, your feedback makes the Boot Camp experienc..."

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2 years ago

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