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Stephen Hyer
Created May 5, 2020


Stephen started the discussion

GDAX USD Pairs, Minute The issue starts from Sep 21st, 2021; and continues until...

4 weeks ago

Stephen left a comment on UVXY split data not updated, Minute The issue star...

"Any idea when this factor file will be updated?  It's been about a month now."

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4 months ago

Stephen started the discussion

UVXY, Daily The issue starts from May 26th, 2021; and continues until now

5 months ago

Stephen left a comment on Stop Loss / Take Profit on Algorithm Framework

"Hey Derek, By design the EWPCM will create a new target for each new active insight.  If the goal ..."

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6 months ago

Stephen left a comment on Stop Loss / Take Profit on Algorithm Framework

"Derek Melchin  A 1% stop loss is really tight, especially for Apple and Tesla in 2021.  Also, you ..."

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6 months ago

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