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Created May 4, 2021
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Created Jun 23, 2020


I am currently a Undergraduate student at IIT Delhi. I love problem solving and programming. My research interest include Machine Learning, Information Retrieval and Quantitative finance.


Varad left a comment on Polygon data feed

"Hi Georgea Trading,We recommend using the current version of LeanBest,Varad Kabade..."

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5 days ago

Varad left a comment on ATR Stop Loss

"Hi Nicholas,In the OnSecuritiesChanged method inside the RiskManagement model, we are iterating the ..."

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5 days ago

Varad left a comment on Universe indicator automatic update or manual upda...

"Hi Li Cheng,Yes, you are right; we can manually add spy in the Initialize method; also as we are not..."

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5 days ago

Varad left a comment on Data and statistics on live trading

"Hi Mislav Sagovac,We recommend using the results json file, which has all the relevant data of a liv..."

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5 days ago

Varad left a comment on Warming up indicators with historical data

"Hi Vladimir,To speed up the above backtest we recommend using a consolidator to register the indicat..."

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5 days ago

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