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Created May 6, 2020


I am long term quantitative trader with 20+ years of successful algorithmic trading and strategy development. I was among the winners in numerous trading contests and challenges. I was a fund author at Quantopian hedge fund and licensed dozens strategies to others.


Vladimir left a comment on Creating our own Index Fund!

"While trying to clone the algorithm I got this: ..."

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13 hours ago

Vladimir left a comment on Help with getting the slope of an indicator (insid...

"JohanL,Try this simple and reliable way. ..."

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2 days ago

Vladimir left a comment on Warming up indicators with historical data

"Varad kabade.Thanks for the answer.Can you post a sample, please?"

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4 days ago

Vladimir left a comment on Warming up indicators with historical data

"Louis Szeto,Here is "12268 dynamic universe warm up" with Ken Lu's original setup.It completed in 46..."

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7 days ago

Vladimir left a comment on Live Algorithms Stopped and Chart/Stats not render...

"For me it happened in back-tester between 2021/09/11 12:07:02 and 2021/09/12 02:40:35 ..."

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2 weeks ago

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