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Created May 6, 2020


Vncne left a comment on Need help manually updating a bunch of daily indic...

"HeyOnData is run every time the algorithm receives new data, so I moved the "updating" of indicator ..."

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7 days ago

Vncne left a comment on RSI Strategy

"HiIs something like this what you're looking for?"

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7 days ago

Vncne left a comment on Call for Design Input - Documentation V2

"Hi Jared, what I noticed is that a lot of (new) people, me included, often post in the Community ask..."

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2 months ago

Vncne left a comment on Cloud Parameter Optimization / Sensitivity Testing

"Hi Jared, do you think you could include in the upcoming documentation how to apply the optimization..."

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3 months ago

Vncne left a comment on Using a specific symbol's Valuation Ratio as ...

"HiDerek MelchinĀ I guess I meant something like getting the mean P/E Ratio of all companies within s..."

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3 months ago

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