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Created May 6, 2020


Vncne left a comment on Is there a listing of when OnData is called?

"OnData is run every time your algorithm receives new data, so this depends on what resolution your d..."

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2 months ago

Vncne left a comment on Alternative Data Import Changes

"Garrison Whipple from QuantConnect.Data.Custom.CBOE import CBOEYou don't have to do something like ..."

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4 months ago

Vncne left a comment on Orders Taking Multiple Bars to Fill?? (simple back...

"Isn't it because the market doesn't open until 9:30?"

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5 months ago

Vncne left a comment on Constructing Keltner Channels for Universe Selecti...

"Hi @John J, You could maintain a list of your universe in OnSecuritiesChanged like this and send an..."

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5 months ago

Vncne left a comment on Consolidation several sets of symbols

"Hi Derek Melchin ,What is happening exactly when I add the line of code that you suggested, and what..."

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8 months ago

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