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Xin Wei
Created May 6, 2020


Quantitative Developer Intern at QuantConnect


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Standardized Unexpected Earnings Strategy

3 years ago

Xin left a comment on Universe Selection with warmup and SMA

"Hi Armin,Thank you for the note. If you remove the subscription to IBM:ibm = self.AddEquity("IBM", R..."

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3 years ago

Xin left a comment on Importing RSS Feed as Custom Data

"Hi Chadwick,We recently added Trading Economics in our data library. It's not an RSS feed, but pleas..."

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3 years ago

Xin left a comment on OnSecuritiesChanged Questions

"Hi Jason,All correct! Thank you for your questions and figuring them out by yourself. :)..."

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3 years ago

Xin left a comment on Log Data

"Hi Nocholas,I looked at your strategy — the idea of using self.History to pull historical volume d..."

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3 years ago

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