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Xin left a comment on Trailing Stop Loss

"Hi Christian,Welcome to QuantConnect! We're glad to see traders utilizing our platform.I understand ..."

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13 hours ago

Xin left a comment on Update rolling windows window for multiple symbols

"Hi Konstantin,You can achieve this by creating multiple rolling windows of the same indicators in In..."

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13 hours ago

Xin left a comment on Data discrepencies in Fundamnetal Factor Analysis ...

"Hi Neil,Welcome to QuantConnect!Those different tickers represent the same stocks. Tickers often cha..."

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3 days ago

Xin left a comment on Dollar Volume Universe Selection Issue?

"Hi Kevin,The ticker `AOL` returned by your strategy represents company AOL Time Warner Inc. (NYSE: A..."

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7 days ago

Xin left a comment on Brokerage Warning: Order failed, Order Id: 4: Trad...

"Hi Liam, Since it's a live trading issue, please send your question with the backtest attached thro..."

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2 weeks ago

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