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Created May 6, 2020


Chris is a graduate student at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC working towards obtaining a MSc in Finance. He is looking to build the skills necessary to enter the competitive world of Quantitative Finance. Leveraging his engineering background he was able to develop a cryptocurrency trading algorithm which connects to multiple crypto futures and spot exchanges. This program is currently trading personal capital and has a track record dating back to April 2019. Using Quantconnect has been instrumental in developing C# coding skills as well as implementing creative trading strategies. Chris is in the process of creating multiple Alpha frameworks for submission to the marketplace. Feel free to reach out on LinkedIn for more information.


Chris left a comment on Running Python Code in a CSharpe Algorithm

"I definitely agree, if you are starting out a new algorithm it is easier to choose one or the other,..."

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2 years ago

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Running Python Code in a CSharpe Algorithm

2 years ago

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Universe Selection using Indicators

2 years ago

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Backtesting Entry Prior to Earnings Date

3 years ago

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"This worked! Thanks for the help, Michael"

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3 years ago

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