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3rd year Computer Science and Finance student at the University of Lethbridge. Competitor in the 2020-1 Rotman International Trading Competition. Quantitative Developer Intern at QuantConnect.


Derek left a comment on Optimization using a single digit?

"Hi David,The GetParameter method returns a string. Instead of calling `.Current.Value`, cast the val..."

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2 days ago

Derek left a comment on Issue shorting crypto in combined Portfolio (crypt...

"Hi Pranava,To short BTC, we need to override the default buying power model. We can accomplish this ..."

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2 days ago

Derek left a comment on ScheduledUniverseSelectionModel inconsistently add...

"Hi Sim123,Thanks for reporting this. We've created a GitHub Issue to have this addressed. Subscribe ..."

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2 days ago

Derek left a comment on Fixed ATR stop loss

"Hi Adamh20,To set a fixed stop loss order, we can replace the calls to `Liquidate` with a StopMarket..."

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2 days ago

Derek left a comment on Simple code for limit order entry, limit target pr...

"Hi Python Trader,Refer to this related thread.Best,Derek Melchin..."

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2 days ago

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