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Ernest Shaggleford
Created May 6, 2020


I recently started working on the QC platform as it's the only truly open and flexible algo platform that I'm aware of that supports options back testing and live trading, which opens the door to the wonderful world of options algos at a low entry cost. This platform and community interaction that Jared and his team have made available is really awesome - definitely democritising finance and much appreciated :) I'm a software engineer with wide ranging experience in many languages and domains and also an experienced equities, futures, forex and options trader.


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"Hey Dat,one option initially would be to do some self learning and experimentation by studying a few..."

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2 months ago

Ernest started the discussion

Inconsistency between backtest historical data and and live historical data over...

2 months ago

Ernest left a comment on How to design an Alpha ? Any tipps or guidelines ?

"Hi Lars,hint: most technical analysis methods and technical indicators don't have an edge.I'd sugges..."

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3 months ago

Ernest left a comment on InternFund Begins Live Trading

"Hi Shile,re: "We confirmed that our account has access to overnight margin, which means going over 1..."

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4 months ago

Ernest left a comment on InternFund Begins Live Trading

"Hi Derek and Shile,thanks for revealing your strategies that you are trading live.On the weights use..."

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4 months ago

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