Scheduled events .BeforeMarketClose not supporting early close

I noticed recently while running a live algo on the 24th Dec 2018 that the BeforeMarketClose method didn't fire the event before the early close.
The live algorithm uses the following event schedule to fire a market pre-close event 5 minutes before the market close using

                .BeforeMarketClose(UnderlyingSymbolName, minuteBeforeClose: preCloseInMinutes)
                .Run(MarketPreCloseHandler);  Underlying symbol name was QQQ.But as the 24th was an early close day of 1pm EST for the NYSE/NASDAQ, I expected the scheduled eventto fire 5 minutes before 1pm and not 5 minutes before the normal market close of 4pm.But instead this event fired at 5 minutes before 4pm when the market was closed.

Is this method supposed to support early market close?

Update Backtest

yes it will

OK - thanks.


Update Backtest


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