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Kevin Baker
Created May 6, 2020


I have 25 years Software Engineering experience mostly in C#. Now learning python as well. Interested in long term investing as well as swing trading.


Kevin left a comment on What are general rules for how to hookup Framework...

"I researched my own question and came up with some general rules/thought process for how to go about..."

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3 weeks ago

Kevin started the discussion

What are general rules for how to hookup Framework components?

3 weeks ago

Kevin left a comment on Tick, Volume and Dollar Bars

"I got an error when trying to run the example above.Being a beginner, I just tried changes until it ..."

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2 months ago

Kevin left a comment on Momentum Based Asset Allocation

"That example yields about 17% annual return with 30% drawdown when run between 2007/08/01  and 2012..."

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2 months ago

Kevin left a comment on Tracking Security Changes - Task 198

"I was able to complete this task step for Tracking Security Changesby finding a post with this line ..."

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3 months ago

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