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Louis Szeto Quant
Created May 6, 2020
TS a
Created Jul 3, 2021
Created Jun 23, 2020


QC Quantitative Developer Intern. Studying Financial Engineering in WQU with excellent grades in all courses. Self-taught proficient python and intermediate C#/C++. Big interest in math, physics, computer science, and quant finance. Research Interest: optimization, cluster analysis, reinforcement learning, blockchain. Arbitrage reigns supreme!


Louis left a comment on Why can I maximum download the same (Dropbox) file...

"Hi Haakon We do not impose a rate limit on file downloads but often external providers do. Dropbox ..."

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4 weeks ago

4 weeks ago

Louis left a comment on Feature Request: TD Sequential Indicator

"Hi GarrettThank you for bringing it up. Please subscribe to this GitHub issue to track our progress ..."

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4 weeks ago

4 weeks ago

Louis left a comment on Creating Custom ATR

"Hi MattYou could actually create an Exponential Moving Average of the ATR indicator using IndicatorE..."

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4 weeks ago

4 weeks ago

Louis left a comment on Optimization time cloud vs local

"Hi RenataIn cloud optimization, you would be using multiple CPUs to run different backtest instances..."

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4 weeks ago

4 weeks ago

Louis left a comment on "Download Results" - Format Of Backtest ...

"Hi NimrareYes, they were in form of UNIX timestamps. The NAV data was logged whenever a Slice data w..."

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4 weeks ago

4 weeks ago

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