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Shile Wen
Created May 7, 2020
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I am a Computer Science student at the University of Washington. I am currently an intern at QuantConnect.


Shile left a comment on No data loaded for [symbol] because there was no t...

"Hi Marco,The error message isn't an indication that you are doing something wrong, it's just a warni..."

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18 hours ago

Shile left a comment on Need help with mean-variance portfolio optimizatio...

"Hi Wei Li,If there is no solution with the given parameters, we can wrap this in a try-except block ..."

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18 hours ago

Shile left a comment on Technical indicators correlation to asset prices

"Hi John,I suggest reading up on the indicator descriptions on a site like Investopedia to get a gaug..."

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18 hours ago

Shile left a comment on What exactly do I get when I set the MultiPeriodFi...

"Hi Victor,The OneMonth fields are those that MorningStar recalculates every month based on the curre..."

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18 hours ago

Shile left a comment on Does QuantConnect have a Relative Vigor Index indi...

"Hi Dmlt,We do not have a Relative Vigor Index at the moment, however, feel free to implement it as a..."

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18 hours ago

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