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Shile Wen
Created May 7, 2020
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Created Jul 15, 2020
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Created Jun 23, 2020


I am a Computer Science student at the University of Washington. I am currently an intern at QuantConnect.


Shile left a comment on How to do coarse selection call back when paper tr...

"Hi Sulfred,Coarse and Fine Universe Selection occurs before market open, so we would wait until the ..."

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10 hours ago

Shile left a comment on How to save a status object in objectstore

"Hi Pier,Please use only the Save method for ObjectStore, as the other methods are intended for C# ..."

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12 hours ago

Shile left a comment on Help Needed for Selling Put Options

"Hi Praveen,We can get the unrealized profit of a contract using self.Portfolio[contractSymbol].Unre..."

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12 hours ago

Shile left a comment on Making POST requests using requests python library

"Hi Mislav,To make package requests, please email with the requested packa..."

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13 hours ago

Shile left a comment on Understanding insight periods

"Hi Stinus,This is because multiple insights are continually emitted on that date. When an Insight is..."

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4 days ago

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