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Shile Wen
Created May 7, 2020
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I am a Computer Science student at the University of Washington. I am currently an intern at QuantConnect.


Shile left a comment on OperationRatios.ROE

"Hi Vladimir and Frank,That is an issue with our docs. I've submitted an issue request here.Furtherm..."

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2 days ago

Shile left a comment on ERROR: stopMarketTicket has no attribute 'Upd...

"Hi Ben,Notice that stopMarketTicket is initialized to None. That means if the StopMarketTicket hasn'..."

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3 days ago

Shile left a comment on The futures Symobl of ES when live

"Hi Quant123,I'd suggest looking at our Futures Docs on how to get futures data from later contract..."

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3 days ago

Shile left a comment on Bitfinex live trading symbol availability

"Hi Andrey,I was unable to reproduce the issue. Please retry with the code in the attached backtest.B..."

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4 days ago

Shile left a comment on Lean Documentation for BullPutSpread method.

"Hi Brian,Most C# methods in QuantConnect can be called using Python as is (one exception is for meth..."

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4 days ago

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