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Warren Harding
Created May 6, 2020


Save a starving quant! Buy some of my algos. HardingSoftware.com


Warren left a comment on Algo: Beer Money 1.0.0

"This algo uses limit orders."

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4 days ago

Warren left a comment on Algo: Losers of slowing descent.

"Interesting. I posted this in 2017 and forgot about it. I just cloned and ran it. It did quite well ..."

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3 months ago

Warren left a comment on Algo: Reversals 2

"I'm not sure. One thing I noticed is that if you haved a limit order visible on the table some trade..."

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11 months ago

Warren left a comment on Algo: Reversals 2

"Hi Sadullah.I ranked by returns on a per stock basis. Quantconnect doesn't let you do this easily bu..."

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12 months ago

Warren left a comment on Algo: Reversals 2

"Hi James. This is my original strategy as best I know, if some-one else thought of it previously I'm..."

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2 years ago

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