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Mike Lin
Created Jun 10, 2020


Mike left a comment on Fade The Trend Strategy - Mean Reversion Algorithm...

"In his book, Trading Systems and Methods, Kaufman write about using kurtosis as a trading signal. He..."

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4 months ago

4 months ago

Mike started the discussion

Weekly Consolidation Triggered on Tuesdays

4 months ago

4 months ago

Mike left a comment on Same Code, Different Results

"Thanks both. I actually did use the EMA indicator in my algo. I'll look at that and the adjusted pri..."

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6 months ago

6 months ago

Mike started the discussion

Same Code, Different Results

6 months ago

6 months ago

Mike left a comment on Market order placed at 1am doesn't execute un...

"Thanks for explaining the difference between backtest and live trading results. I've since run a tes..."

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9 months ago

9 months ago

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