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Timothy Comisky
Created May 6, 2020
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Created Jul 24, 2020


Air Force Cyber Officer getting masters in Finance: Investments and Securities. Started Jade Partners LLC Jan 2017 out of passion for trading and algorithmic trading. Looking to bring our IP to the world.


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Partner wanted, system already developed

3 years ago

Timothy started the discussion

Interactive Brokers Options Exchange Fees

3 years ago

Timothy left a comment on Looking for a partner to develop quantconnect syst...

"Hi Hn999, my partner and I have a working Machine Learning algo in a python notebook in the research..."

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3 years ago

Timothy left a comment on Alpha Five: ETF Universe Alpha Streams Competition

"Hello, Having an issue with stock data for NUGT for some reason when I use the for each loop with y..."

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3 years ago

Timothy left a comment on Order Filling efficiencies

"hmmm. First, thank you for the reply. Interesting. That is probably why the data I get in ..."

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4 years ago

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