Our Answer to NYSE Eliminating Stop Orders

From February 26th investors will no longer be able to use Stop or Good Till Cancelled order types on the NYSE, according to a recent press release from Reuters. Typically Stop Market orders are used to place a market order when the stock exceeds a trigger price. On August 24th, 2015 many investors had their […]


$1 Per Trade, It’s a Quant Revolution

We’re proud to announce live trading with Tradier Brokerage is now public! In a special offer to QuantConnect users, Tradier Brokerage is offering a limited release of 100 accounts with a flat fee of $1 per trade* with the promo code Quant1. Fees this low on a retail-accessible platform are unparalleled. Robust Modern API In […]

Your Ideal Algorithmic Trading Platform

Would you like a copy of the QuantConnect source code, so you can code, backtest and trade locally from your computer? You could design and debug strategies from your laptop in Visual Studio, using a local data-source, and then when you’re ready simply deploy it to the cloud to backtest on our entire tick-level data library? You could utilize cloud based optimization to backtest massively in parallel and test your strategy for parameter sensitivity, in minutes…


History of Non-Market Data Correlations

Over the course of the history of the stock market, quantitative observers have built up a comprehensive database of non-market data correlations. From solar flares to hurricane cycles, biota growth and New York City temperature. Figures like Consumer Sentiment data and other broadly distributed survey data have been used by market participants when deciding market […]


QuantConnect Annouces FX, US Equity Tick Data and a Capital Raise

How do traders and investors who “sell in May and go away” spend their summers? If you are a quantitative trader looking forward to spending the sunny months indoors backtesting trading strategies, then QuantConnect has some very good news for you: the company just announced that it now provides backtesters with five years worth of foreign exchange […]


Intersection Between Quant and Technology

Deutsche Bank Mention Deutsche Bank had a few nice words to say about QuantConnect in their recent news letter: “Recently we came across an interesting company called QuantConnect that perfectly embodies the intersection between quant and technology. QuantConnect is a startup that is trying to “democratize” quant investing. Most of us, who have spent too many […]


Startup Offers Quant Trading for Little Guys

Originally on Hedge Fund Alert, By James W. Prado Roberts. A new technology shop wants to bring quantitative investing to the masses. QuantConnect is rolling out a cloud-based service that gives aspiring quant managers the tools to design and execute trading strategies and back-test their programs with historical market data. The offering promises to remove a […]