Live Trading with Interactive Brokers

We’re proud to announce the release of automated trading with QuantConnect and Interactive Brokers. Our technology breaks down all the barriers to deploying your own automated live trading strategy and allows you to focus on creating alpha.


Backtesting with a REST API

We’re deprecating the GIT-API and replaced it with a powerful REST-API that allows you to create, update and backtest projects all via URL. To kick it off we are open sourcing new tools for visual studio that tap into this API and submit a backtest from Visual Studio.


Harnessing the Twitter API for Sentiment Strategies

In this project we will be writing an application which downloads tweets from Twitter. We are continuing our journey leaning C#, as we started with our Yahoo Finance data downloader. Twitter has a REST API that allows us to  search for tweets, users, timelines, or even post new messages. We will use an incredible C# Twitter Library […]

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Downloading Yahoo Finance Data with C#

The following post is the first in a series by Raul Pefaur on Learning C#. Over the last month Raul has taught himself C# with a variety of projects, tutorials and books which he will describe to help others on their journey to using C# for finance. Raul has a Master of Finance and lives in Santiago, […]

Three Common Implementation Mistakes

In our work at QuantConnect we have helped with thousands of budding quants over the years. Our algorithm development terminal is a powerful backtesting platform that allows members to design strategies on 15 years of past equities data. We see several very common mistakes in even the most basic strategies. For our latest free video tutorial – […]


Top Numerical Libraries For C#

AlgLib ( ALGLIB is a numerical analysis and data processing library. Is supports many languages but has been entirely rewritten in naitive C#, and functions across many operating systems. It is open source for noncommercial purposes and has commercial licensing options available for enterprise clients. So in all a portable, intuitive and versatile library that […]


First New Data Set! Estimize Crowd Sentiment Data!

In our aim to provide you with the best quality, institutional level data we’re now working with to bring you crowd-sourced earnings estimate data. Each financial quarter companies publish their earnings per share (EPS) and revenue figures to investors. When a company performs worse than expected, often the share price can fall dramatically, and […]