Free Streaming Live Data with IEX – LEAN Release Notes v2.3.0.3

This release adds the IEXDataQueueHandler allowing LEAN users to stream free US equity trades to their strategy; along with numerous bug fixes to the OANDA and FXCM brokerage implementations. Additional regression algorithms were added to automate testing of daily data algorithms. The Interactive Brokers connection logic was also made more intelligent to fail quickly when […]


Release Notes – LEAN v2.3.0.1

This release fixed minor bugs in LEAN to improve its stability and consistency across backtesting and live trading. There were no breaking changes in regression tests or the API of LEAN. Features Update AlgoSeek data converter to accept input file mask to only convert specific source files. Added IsAssignable to detect assignment orders in backtesting*. […]


Release Notes – LEAN v2.3.0.0

This release made significant changes to the core of LEAN. Options and futures asset classes were added, and the datafeed extended to support their datatype. Hundreds of bugs were fixed and additional converter tools were added to help port the raw data provider files into LEAN format. MorningStar fundamental analysis was also added. This release […]