What would be the correct way of emmiting daily insights after market close when using minute data using Algorithm Framework? 

For example, with simple Symbol data like this:

class SymbolData:
closing_prices: typing.Optional[RollingWindow]

def __init__(self, security: Security, algorithm: QCAlgorithm):
self.Security = security
self.Symbol = security.Symbol
self.closing_prices = RollingWindow[float](Parameters.momentum_tracking)
self.algorithm = algorithm
algorithm.Consolidate(self.Symbol, Resolution.Daily, self.record_closing_price)

def record_closing_price(self, consolidated: TradeBar):

Update funuction that is responsible for emmiting insights will only be called on Market Close, but at that time SymbolData will not have updated "closing_prices" list. It will be available right after the market close but Update will not be called until the next morning. A workaround that I can think of is a Schedule after market close, which will, for example, call Update, but I am not sure if it is a propper way. Also, since update is called every minute, but insights are meant to be emmited only at the end of the day, is it ok to return an empty list or should it return None instead?