Looking for current 1hr Low and past 4hr low of a FX price

Hi Folk:


I am new to the QuantConnect and not very knowledgable with C# and the API . I am able to find the past 1hr low of a FX price by storing the price in  the RollingWIndow of 60minutes and find the lowest price in that 60 minutes.  However, I would like to store the price between 61minutes ago - 300 and find the low in there.  Anyone has any ideas how to do that and would like to share your idea will be reatly appreciate.  This is like looking for the previous Sin wave and current Sin wave, I would like to know whether we see the wave before


Thank you very much for any suggestion or ideas. 

Update Backtest

I think I understand what youre asking for. Could you not just use a longer window? Something like:

var window = new RollingWindow<BaseData>(1000);
window.Where(w => w.Time > DateTime.Now.AddHours(-300) && w.Time < DateTime.Now.AddHours(-60)).Min( w => w.Price);




Also, If you're not using these already you might find the Min and Max indicators useful.


var min = MIN("APL", 60, Resolution.Minute);
var max = MAX("APL", 60, Resolution.Minute);



Thank you very much James.  This one seems to be easier to understand that the early code.  I will try it out.  


Update Backtest


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