Complexity is a form of laziness.
The privilege of simplicity is that it imposes itself, even to those who do not understand its sophistication.
I've developed this Profitable Algorithm and test it by pen and paper for almost 2 years.
Algorithm that is based on set parameters, trade entry-re-entry rules, right combination of probability, risk and power of position sizing model. No interpretation of any indicators and making predictions based on previous Market performance.
paper trade Results are more then reasonable. Sometimes it to good to be true.
My computing level not even allow me to program a VCR I had to look for coders for hire, and that is where I run into the wall.
I am in a small village in Ukraine and most likely won't be able to do anything with this.
if you find it interesting I would like to hear from someone in the business .... even if you have to say :" Alex, you are just another dreamer."