Hi, I am new to this platform.

I would like to know the last weekly bar's high/low/close and I am using 30 min timeframe for my indicator.  And I am already using the 30 min consolidator. But it seems that I can only create one consolidator. It doesn't allow me to create another one. Is there a standard way to do it please? Thank you.

Below is the error message I got.

Trying to perform a summation, subtraction, multiplication or division between 'MethodBinding' and 'method' objects throws a TypeError exception. To prevent the exception, ensure that both values share the same type. at Initialize consWeekly.OnDataConsolidated+=self.OnWeeklyDataConsolidated at Python.Runtime.PythonException.ThrowLastAsClrException() at Python.Runtime.PyObject.Invoke(PyTuple args in main.py: line 42 unsupported operand type(s) for +=: 'MethodBinding' and 'method'