I am attempting to load a model that I trained locally to QC Cloud, but am having some difficulties deserializing it. Following the instructions in the docs here, I am doing something like::

import pickle
import base64

# Stuff to be saved
    def __init__(self):
    def foo(self):
        return 1
myObj = MyClass()
myDat = {'a' : 1}
stuff = {'myObj' : myObj, 'myDat' : myDat }

# Serialize as string
stuff_serialized = pickle.dumps( stuff )
stuff_serialized = base64.b64encode( stuff_serialized ).decode('utf-8')

# Save to local ObjectStore
self.ObjectStore.Save('Stuff', stuff_serialized)

## Upload the file to Dropbox, then on QC Cloud:

# Download the file
stuff_serialized = self.Download('PATH_TO_FILE')

# Deserialize
stuff_serialized = base64.b64decode(stuff_serialized.encode('utf-8'))
stuff = pickle.loads(stuff_serialized)

But I am receiving the error in the pickle.loads step:

could not find MARK

Note that I'm using utf-8 instead of ascii as in the docs due to some invalid character errors. 

Any suggestions?