Hi there,

I guess everyone has a list of strategies to implement someday… and if your case is like mine, that day never comes.

To overcome the laziness and to make challenging, let’ play a game.

There are, in the following 3 comments, three strategies based in academic papers. I will fully implement in Lean the strategy with most votes at Monday.

I’ll implement the strategy in a new Lean fork to make the whole developing process as transparent as possible. Also there you’ll can comment and suggest improvements and point out errors (maybe I’m too optimistic with the participant commitment :D).

If your strategy isn’t the winner at the end of this week pool, maybe you can implement it and share it with the community.

Also, if you have some paper or academic-based strategies, please submit it! The idea is to make this a periodical thing, so your strategy can participate in the next pool.

Next… the candidates for this week: