I have managed to get Lean working locally in Linux with the Python module. However, I'm still confused about a few thiings. 


1. Do I have to go through the whole "xbuild... " procedure followed by mono ./QuantConnect.Lean.Launcher.exe each time I change up my algorithm by a little bit, or each time that I change which file it points to? 

2. I did read that data available on the cloud is not available locally due to licenscing reasons. If I were to purchase the license, how would that data then feed into my local backtests? Alternatively if I had my own data where would I place it and in what format for my backtest to run locally. 

3. I have gotten the "global name: MovingAverageType is not defined" error. Is this related to not having data set up or do I have to import or place another module somewhere? 

4. I'm trying to load a file into my script. I have the exact filepath in my Linux setup to go, but it still says file not found. I have the file placed in the same folder as the script. Does the program import/load files from a separate location or need some other references? 


Thanks for all of the help!