Oanda does allow its users to trade very freely, trading other quantity than lot/mini-lot/micro-lot sizes (for instance 53 456 EUR/USD and not either 53 000 or 54 000). That is also possible when using QC to trade on OANDA.


However, OANDA allows also to trade than micro-lot size of 1000.

But when using QC to trade on OANDA in backtesting mode, these orders of less than 1000 EUR/USD are not accepted, and we got the error message instead;

"Backtest Handled Error: Unable to submit order with id -10 which quantity (100) is less than lot size (1000)."

Is this a bug, that will be corrected, maybe by updating SetBrokerageModel(BrokerageName.OandaBrokerage)?

If it is not a bug, why do you prevent QC users to trade as freely on OANDA as they can be used to -when they trade on OANDA directly? 

Thanks for the answer.