Hello everyone,

I am a new comer and have a particular question regarding the data. I just set up the Lean on my workstation and ran the test locally. I found there are differences between the running test results and the data files provided by LEAN. For example, the SPY daily data is located at Lean\Data\equity\usa\daily, and I found in the file for 10/07/2013, the open, high, low and close are 167.41, 168.45, 167.25 and 167.45 respectively. On the other hand, when using "tradeBarHistory = History<TradeBar>("SPY", TimeSpan.FromDays(1));" in the test, I got 152.99, 153.94, 152.84 and 153.03. I am pretty sure the data were loaded from the data file to the test env. I am confused why the data are changed? Anyone can help? Thank you!