Hi Quantconnect team,

After your support, I've created a new simple example with Quantconnect.

It's verry amazing. Thanks for all of it.

But I have some issues, it make me little bit confuse about TF

Firstly,I can try with only time frame 1 min, I see you have 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week. But when run under these TF, it send me back the error.

Secondly, I need to use two TF at the same strategic(For example: 1 DAY and 1 WEEK). Big TF will have me know the trend.

How to call the big TF from the small TF. Can you guide me one example about in the TF 1 DAY, how to call to TF 1 WEEK.

For example:

If (EMA20(W)>EM50(W)) and (close(D)>MA21(D)) ===> buy

Please, give me some help.

I have some confuse about real time, but I see you have it on your professional version.

So I think that I have to try it before make question.