Hello QuantConnect community.

I am really new to coding (two days to be honest). I work for a quant company though so I have access to really good signals (I attached an example of my first try based on models we developed in our lab in excel for trading cl1 futures).

Now I want to design an algo which trades based on input signals from our main algo, however this means I would have to pick stocks from between a universe of 500 daily ! So I guess I would really appreciate some help in

Question: how do I best approach loading them all and controlling their data, I guess I can tell the algo which 4 to buy daily on the excel sheet so prepare the trade picks in excel but I still need to load all their information.

Right now I use the "private const string Symbol = "USO";" in this example, but do I need to do it for 500 ?? and name the strings after the ticker ? !!!

Oh I work for I Know First as a finance side analyst, meaning I design strategies and review them, that is why I have no idea about code.

Thanks in advance.